The Why Of What I Do

Many people want to know why a business exists, or why a person decides to start selling a product or service, and I imagine many of you feel the same.  It’s a good question, and if you’ve wondered about me, wonder no more!

Still in Beta Designs started from a simple idea I had: I’m not fully functioning, so as a human, I’m still in beta testing mode, not ready for public release but okay for some purposes.  That idea spiraled though my mind and turned into a trickle of ideas, which has become a tornado of wild and crazy concepts, some of which have shown up in my designs.  Other ideas get rejected eventually or are sitting in my long list of ideas that have yet to see fruition but may at some point in the future.

Why actually take these ideas beyond just thoughts and try to sell them?

Why not?

The simplest explanation for any business is always to make money, of course, but that’s a poor substitute for the actual main purpose of making money: to provide for yourself or your family. Many of you may know that I have not been able to provide for my family the way I’d like because of a variety of problems, some of which I’ve either already talked about or will talk about on this blog. When I discovered the idea of using print-on-demand services, at first it just felt like a low-risk way to make some passive income, but I’ve begun to see great potential in the business, because of one simple fact:

I’m not alone.

I don’t think I’m the only one who realizes they’re not perfect.

I’m not the only one who knows they still need help, or time, or work.

And I’m not the only one who needs to be told that’s ok.

So I started sharing my designs, and while I will continue to push the idea that it’s ok not to be perfect (which is good, since no one is), I’ve also continued to broaden my scope.  I’ve added a second storefront (without it’s own dedicated site for now) called Proskuneo to my Spreadshirt and Teespring stores, as well as a few Amazon listings, featuring Godly designs and quotes, many of which will be coming from the works of church fathers like St Augustine, St Francis, Sir Thomas More, and others, as well as Bible verses and inspirational or motivating quotes. You can see those at these three links: | |

So the answer to Why I do this?

Because I’m not perfect.

And that’s ok.

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