You may have noticed that there is now some advertising on the site here, and I wanted to call attention to it because it’s all affiliate marketing, which means one important thing: I chose every ad you’ll see, and I chose them for good reasons. Not all of them are for services or products I use, like with the ads for Weebly, but they’re ones I feel I can reasonably and solidly recommend.

One in particular I like is Pure Therapeutics. I use their Methyl-B Complete capsules, which give me methylated B-12 along with folate and the other things I need because I have a mutated MTHFR gene (that’s another story, but it means without those little capsules, my energy levels drop off to pretty much zero), and they’ve been a great value and are safe ingredients for me.

I also made sure to become an affiliate marketer for Malwarebytes, because their Mac adware and malware software is the only one I really truly trust, and I love sharing software that has saved my bacon before.

I could go on, but just know that when you see an ad on my blog, it’s because I selected them and trust them, so you can feel comfortable clicking on any of them. I have to copy the code by hand, and I’m not going to put anything up here that’s not worth that effort.

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