Time for a change


There were plenty of points before that when I knew I needed to change, and times when I tried. My weight. It’s fluctuated a lot, and this isn’t the heaviest I’ve ever been, but it’s time to see it go down for good.

275.5 is a lot of weight for one man to carry around. The number of problems that come with it are even worse. So I’m planning and beginning a change.

Many of you know some of my story, and that the health issues I have and haven’t talked about here make it difficult to exercise, but I’m planning to make sure I get on my exercise bike at least 5 minutes, 5 days a week. That might not sound like a serious workout, but it’s a lot more work for me than it would be for someone without my issues.

I’m also letting go of sugar and wheat. Those are hard to give up for me, although I don’t eat handfuls of candy or anything like that, but nonetheless it’s a non-trivial improvement.

And then to help give me a boost, I’ve ordered the Slique oil and tea from Young Living. The Ocotea and other components help make fatty acids ready to be processed out of the body, so hopefully they give me a boost in clearing out my backlog of fat.

I’ll check in here regularly, hopefully posting a bit more than I have been! This is the time. I won’t give up until this weight is gone.

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