Essential Oil Success Story

As usual, I’m writing this after it actually happened, but I thought this was too good of an experience to not share.

The other day, I was headed home and realized my head was growing worse. If you know about my ongoing issues you’ll have some idea of what I mean, but let’s just say that by the time I reached home, I knew I was heading to bed to hide from the light and be unable to do anything for several hours. Not a good situation, and I let Alanna know as I went back to the bedroom, nearly having to walk with my eyes closed, and laid down, fully expecting a few hours of complete unpleasantness.

Alanna had different plans, though. She slipped into the room like an angel of mercy bearing a bottle of frankincense and had me hold out my thumb. A dab of oil on the end of my thumb, which I then pressed to the roof of my mouth and proceeded to suck my thumb like a little child, and within 10 minutes I was sleeping in peace instead of holding my head in agony.

I cannot thank her enough for this, and I have tried it again at least once in less dramatic situations, but for anyone with similar issues, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this up as a possible solution for future episodes. That makes everything we’re doing with Young Living worth it on its own (and I’ve been experiencing the benefits of some of their other products as well).

Frankincense: the Biblical oil that is still amazing today.

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