Amazon Prime Day is Coming!

So every July for a while now, Amazon has been offering some big deals on Prime Day. To be honest, I don’t know that I’ve gotten any of them, except that I have gotten a few deals leading up to it (really, Prime “Day” is misleading, since there’s going to be deals every day leading up to it as well. July 16 at 3PM Eastern is when it all hits the big time this year, and it actually goes through July 17 as well!

Here’s the best part: if you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, even if you cancel before you pay a dime, not only do you get to enjoy the big discounts (plus watch shows like The Grand Tour, which I find hilarious) for a month, but I get a nice bonus as well!  If you, or anyone you know, is considering signing up for Prime or for any of Amazon’s services, like Audible or Kindle Unlimited, please consider signing up through my links so I can get the benefit! You can do that from the link in my sidebar or here: Visit the Amazon Prime Day Promo!

An extra note on Audible: I was never a big audiobook person, but I recently started listening to The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor. Some of you may know that depression has been a huge struggle for me, and I’ll probably write a separate post on that at some point, but this has been a great book for me to listen to, but would have been difficult for me to read.  It’s a great alternative to music when I’m driving.  You can get it for free along with a second book of your choice (really, any two books you want, though I really like this one) if you sign up through my link! See the banner below.

Please pass along this message as well!

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New Design Style!

I haven’t done much image compositing for my designs yet, although I’d practiced doing it in the past, but I’ve tried a couple designs now and I like the results.  Check them out!

King of the Universe:

The Majestic Space Unicorn: (or the shop link to the left)

Let me know what you think!

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Obesity Doesn’t Run In My Family

I’ve been overweight, or more accurately, obese, for most of my life.  At times, it’s reached weights that should have scared me, and some of those times, it did scare me, though not often enough. Even now, when I’ve been trying to manage it better, I have a long way to go to reach a healthy weight.  With everything else going on in my life, the shortened lifespan attributed to being significantly overweight is not helping, nor is it what I want for my family, but it’s a tough situation to escape.

I titled this post very intentionally.  There’s a joke I’ve heard for years that goes “Obesity doesn’t run in my family. Nobody runs in my family.” There’s some truth behind the concept, but it’s actually also somewhat misguided. Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes…all are things that are thought to have genetic components, and they most likely do (and that may have been proven beyond doubt, but that’s not my area of expertise), but as I was reminded recently in an audiobook I’m listening to called The Happiness Advantage, there are more factors in play than genetics.  Our attitudes and the way we were raised are factors in these problems as well, but that’s not to place the blame on our parents or families, and it’s not permanent.  I may always have to struggle with my weight, but as my oldest sister has proven, getting to a healthy weight is possible, and changing your attitude towards weight and what’s possible is a huge part of that. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to take a different approach than she did due to food intolerances, which is another blog post entirely, but I have to keep in mind that it is possible, and her example is one I need to dwell on.

I debated whether to share this, and topics like it, for a little while, but as of now, I plan to share a wide variety of topics, some of them intensely personal like this one. Too many subjects are elephants in the room, known to everyone but never talked about, and I want to do my part to combat that.  This isn’t going to be a blog with answers to every issue, but I don’t plan to hold back, either. I don’t know how to bring my weight down to a healthy level, which is currently at least 50 pounds away, but I do know if I never talk about it, it’s likely to never change. So here’s a first step, or third, or 400th. Take a step today if you struggle with something similar.

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My amateur artistic abilities

I haven’t tried seriously drawing anything by hand, at least not that I intended anyone else to see, since middle school.  I could do a few things well, but it was never something I felt drawn to (pun totally intended), and I just rarely tried.  I do regret that on occasion now, though, as I keep getting ideas in my head and lack the ability to truly sketch them out the way I see them.  This is a good example, one I hope to get turned into a printable design eventually, but that will probably require some help from others:

I’m kinda proud of a few elements, and sure, it gets the point across, but until I get it digitized and play with it, it likely won’t turn into much.  Hopefully you’ll see this on a t-shirt at some point!

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Let’s Give This A Shot!

Not that kind of shot!

Wait, not that kind of shot!


Yeah, that’s the kind of humor you’ll see a lot around here, probably.  If I can keep up with this.  Oh wait, I’ve got tons of designs with wacky humor I can post!  Here we go!

Quick summary: I’m a graphic designer with a flair for puns and groaners, with the occasional inspirational or positive-thinking product, and I put my designs on anything I can, from t-shirts and bags, to stickers and pins, to aprons and little bandanas for dogs (yep, thanks Spreadshirt, I’m sure lots of people want those…). The aprons are for people, btw, not for the dogs.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, I have products available for sale!  There’s a shop page built right in here on the site that’s provided through Spreadshirt, which you can get to by clicking the Shop button on any page, or right there in that sentence. Yes, that one I just wrote. Or, awesomely, you can see 10 of my favorite designs (for now) on Amazon, like this one:

Still In Beta Designs Store

In addition, I’ve got stores on Teespring, Society6, RedBubble, and TeePublic!

Most of my designs are available on all of the stores, but there’s a few hidden gems, especially on Society6, that aren’t available anywhere else!  It’s like a treasure hunt!

Also, I have fun on my Instagram account: 

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That content also gets posted to my Facebook page, where I can also post things like coupon codes that need to be able to be copied and pasted: 


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