Let’s Give This A Shot!

Not that kind of shot!

Wait, not that kind of shot!


Yeah, that’s the kind of humor you’ll see a lot around here, probably.  If I can keep up with this.  Oh wait, I’ve got tons of designs with wacky humor I can post!  Here we go!

Quick summary: I’m a graphic designer with a flair for puns and groaners, with the occasional inspirational or positive-thinking product, and I put my designs on anything I can, from t-shirts and bags, to stickers and pins, to aprons and little bandanas for dogs (yep, thanks Spreadshirt, I’m sure lots of people want those…). The aprons are for people, btw, not for the dogs.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, I have products available for sale!  There’s a shop page built right in here on the site that’s provided through Spreadshirt, which you can get to by clicking the Shop button on any page, or right there in that sentence. Yes, that one I just wrote. Or, awesomely, you can see 10 of my favorite designs (for now) on Amazon, like this one:

Still In Beta Designs Store

In addition, I’ve got stores on Teespring, Society6, RedBubble, and TeePublic!

Most of my designs are available on all of the stores, but there’s a few hidden gems, especially on Society6, that aren’t available anywhere else!  It’s like a treasure hunt!

Also, I have fun on my Instagram account: 

Still In Beta Designs
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That content also gets posted to my Facebook page, where I can also post things like coupon codes that need to be able to be copied and pasted: 

Still in Beta Designs
Still in Beta Designs
Just got a new book light for those times when I want to read an actual physical book (I know, what a concept!) Works great, and has three light modes: cool, warm, and mixed. I like the warm light the best I think, but I can see great with any of them. Pretty cheap too at $9 (I got mine free in order to review it, just to be clear, but my opinions are unfiltered and completely my own). The clip is pretty sturdy, though it’s heavy enough I had to clip it onto a section of pages in the back so the cover didn’t just flop down. No problem though. All in all I like it a lot!
#bookstagram #booklight #terrygoodkind #swordoftruth #richardrahl #kahlanamnell #zeddicuszulzorander #reading #books #oldfashioned
Still in Beta Designs
Still in Beta Designs
Made some #quinoa flour #muffins tonight! So good! The quinoa flour definitely has a distinctive taste, but it paired well with the chocolate chips so it’s all good. I followed a regular recipe with all-purpose flour and just substituted the two cups of regular flour for the quinoa flour to see how well it would translate, and it went well. Had to add a bit more milk, probably because the quinoa drank up more of the liquid, but I only added maybe another 1/4-1/3 cup at most, probably less. I dunno, didn’t measure. They’re nice and fluffy, hold together really well, and generally taste and feel like muffins should! Only downside is the flour is on the expensive side. On Amazon, the bag I used (and I used most of it making 12 muffins) was $10. I got it free to test and review, so keep that in mind, but my opinions and my work was completely my own. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6LNYIP


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