Amazon Prime Day Begins at 3PM!

It’s just about here!  Amazon Prime Day is the single biggest day for Amazon Prime signups in the company’s sales each year, and it’s no surprise, since you can’t get their biggest deals without being a member.  Better yet, you can get it all with the free trial, so you’re not even stuck paying $119 for the year if it’s not a good value for you.

Amazon’s own devices are some of their biggest sellers, with the Kindle Paperwhite being an incredible deal right now, especially if you have a previous Kindle to trade in.  It’s on sale for $79 right now, down from $119, and then if you trade in a previous generation Kindle (super easy if it’s on your Amazon account!), you get an additional 25% off plus up to $25 for the old device itself as an instant gift card, before you’ve even actually sent it back!  Take a look here:

While you’re at it, sign up for Kindle Unlimited and get yourself some free reading, and again, cancel the 99¢ trial if it’s not worth it!  Amazon makes it super simple to cancel, and I’ll be upfront about getting a great bonus for each person who signs up for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or any other Amazon services, in addition to buying anything through these links!  Thanks for reading!


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